THE BBC has been called out for not having anyone from the transgender community on this week’s Debate Night panel.

The debate around the Gender Recognition Reform Bill was top of the agenda on the BBC Scotland show, with the first question coming from an audience member who asked whether the panel thought the SNP were inflicting more damage to themselves than any of their competitors could have with their “nonsense” over the debate.

While SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart said she disagreed with that notion, she took the opportunity to call out the fact there was no transgender person on the panel.

She said in response to the question: “I don’t think so. The GRR bill was in our manifesto, it was in many parties’ manifestos.

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“This bill has been scrutinised very thoroughly, has been to committee and has taken multiple evidence form a wide range of stakeholders including transgender people.

“I have to say, as someone who has championed equalities and representation, it is a shame there isn’t somebody from the transgender community on the panel tonight.

“I don’t know if there is in the audience, but I’d like to put that on record. It’s a bit uncomfortable discussing those issues when people can’t represent themselves.”

A poll from YouGov recently showed the First Minister’s personal approval ratings drop into negative territory, from +7 to -4 since October.

Stewart was also questioned by Stephen Jardine about a rally she attended in Glasgow when she was pictured in front of a sign encouraging violence against gender-critical women.

After already having apologised for any offence this caused, she reiterated she condemned the message on the sign which she had not seen.

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She added: “I have protected and would support he rights of people to attend rallies for causes they feel passionate about.

“When you attend rallies, it is very difficult to see signs and marshal all of those wherever they are.

“The sign was absolutely abhorrent and as a woman who has spoken out against violence against all women, I found that sign offensive. Had I seen it, I would’ve absolutely challenged it.”

Also featuring on the panel were Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, the Scottish Conservatives’ Megan Gallacher, Labour MSP Rhoda Grant and broadcaster Jim Spence.