A CROWDFUNDER has been launched to open an Edinburgh Yes Hub as soon as possible.

The group hope to open the Hub in time for the SNP special democracy conference in March and have it act as a central location to distribute campaign materials, answer queries and provide a place for supporters to get together.

The crowdfunder goal is £6,000. Just over £400 has been raised so far and volunteers are calling for Yes supporters to “give what they can”.

The original Edinburgh Yes Hub was opened a few months prior to the 2014 referendum and was kept going by volunteers since in various locations. The Hub manager, Mike Blackshaw, passed away in November and this set the Hub’s course for closure.

The fundraiser, started by Mike Wallace, is to help secure a new venue and volunteers hope the initial fundraiser can cover leasing costs for a few months.

The National: Volunteers outside the Hub being closed in NovemberVolunteers outside the Hub being closed in November (Image: Mike Wallace)

Wallace, a retired engineer from Prestonpans, pointed out that no city in Scotland has a Yes hub in a central location with heavy footfall – something the group wants to change.

“Myself and a few other core volunteers want the Hub to continue, especially moving into a decisive independence chapter, in an accessible and high profile area. We want to set up the Hub in a properly constituted way, keep a social media presence, and sell merchandise.”

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“There are several Yes groups across Scotland, in Fife, Ayrshire, Bute, but there seems to be none in Scottish cities. If you want to have one in a small town on a High Street, it’s quite doable but if you want somewhere accessible and high profile, it’s much more difficult.

“What we need is a substantial commitment of funding.”

Previously, the Hub was also used as a venue for the Stennis Historical Society. They held meetings, talks, concerts and more. The volunteers hope to continue to host events to highlight Scotland’s achievements and promote the nation’s potential.

A Yes Hub steering group has been set up with others assisting in scouting a location and drumming up support. Wallace is currently approaching multiple groups in the Yes movement to assist in establishing a venue.

He said: “Independence supporting groups and organisations are currently being approached for support on this and initial responses have been promising but we cannot rely on just this. We have therefore set up a crowdfunder to help us achieve the initial setup of a new hub, as soon as possible.”

Wallace added: “We are certain that Mike Blackshaw would agree that this can be a positive legacy for all his efforts.”

For updates on our progress and more to donate to the crowdfunder, click HERE. You can also check out the groups Facebook page.