STEPHEN Flynn will address “Scotland’s largest demonstration of united opposition” against the UK Government’s anti-strike bill, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has revealed.

On Wednesday, as part of a coordinated "protect the right to strike" movement across the UK, Glasgow Trades Hall will host trade unionists, politicians and activists from across Scotland in resisting what the STUC has described as an “unrelenting attack” on workers. 

Hundreds are expected to join the SNP Westminster leader at the rally to protest against the UK Government’s Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

The bill places a duty on public sector bodies to provide an unspecified level of service cover and allows bosses to legally fire employees who ignore a “work notice” ordering them to work during industrial action.

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Unions say it will undermine the ability of workers to withdraw their labour during industrial disputes.

The rally will coincide with more than 500,000 workers across the UK taking industrial action.

Education unions EIS, UCU and the NEU in England, in addition to transport and civil service unions RMT, ASLEF and PCS, will walk out in defence of their terms and conditions.

The National: The SNP previously pledged to work with unions to defeat a Tory anti-strike bill The SNP previously pledged to work with unions to defeat a Tory anti-strike bill (Image: Newsquest)

Flynn told The National the SNP will fight alongside unions to defend workers' right to strike.

The SNP MP said: “The rally will show that workers in Scotland are not prepared to stand by and have their rights taken away from them by a Tory party who haven’t won an election in Scotland since the 1950s.

“At a time when the cost of living crisis is forcing working people to make impossible financial decisions, the Tories have decided to attack their right to fight for better pay and conditions. We must stand against them with one voice.

“The SNP will work with the Trade Union movement and other political parties to fight them every step of the way on this - but there can be no doubt that workers' rights will continue to be vulnerable under Westminster Tory rule.

“It is essential that Scotland’s future is put in Scotland’s hands with an independence referendum."

General secretary of the STUC Roz Foyer welcomed Flynn’s backing of the campaign against the bill.

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She told The National: “I’m appreciative of Stephen’s support and the support of all colleagues across our political parties in defeating this latest unrelenting attack on workers’ rights.

“The support from elected members, activists, government ministers but, most importantly, the public up and down this country will be crucial if we’re to see the back of this bill.

“Our right to strike is sacrosanct. It’s a human right that the UK Government want to take away from us. It’s abundantly clear that they fear the power of our collective voice.

“The more they try and strip of us of our rights, the more we’ll fight back. The voices of Stephen, his group and politicians and activists from across our movement will be vital in putting the UK Tory Government back in their place.”

Those who wish to attend the rally can find tickets here