The National:

HOW many TV shows presented by Conservative MPs does the British public need? At least one more is apparently the answer the executives over at TalkTV settled on.

The Rupert Murdoch owned channel, known for registering zero viewers during primetime slots and giving Piers Morgan a job after he stormed off Good Morning Britain in a huff, has announced another top signing.

Nadine Dorries – the former culture secretary known for her rabid defences of Boris Johnson – has been signed up to present a Friday night show.

Imaginatively called “Friday Night with Nadine”, the first episode will see her interview … Boris Johnson.

“The interview is expected to include such challenging questions as: ‘Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?’ and ‘Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?’” Scots rocker Aidan Moffat quipped in response to the news.

The broadcast will probably feel like more of a love-in than GB News’s “Friday Morning with Esther [McVey] & Phil [Davies]” – which is impressive considering those two Tory MPs are married to each other.

Hopefully (for Nadine anyway) it won’t be as much of a car crash as her previous attempt at presenting on TalkTV.

Filling in for Piers Morgan saw her crash and burn on live television as she struggled to make sense of just about anything.

Still, the executives at TalkTV are chuffed with their new signing.

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Richard Wallace, the channel’s head of TV news broadcasting, said: “Nadine has a unique voice in British politics and will bring that unique voice to our air.

"She has had a seat at the top table of British politics during extraordinary times; knows all the key players and has true insight into how the corridors of power actually work.

"And, as a former nurse, she's one of very few politicians to have held down a proper job and worried about paying the bills, so our audience will relish her take.”

Relish it we will. Nadine will surely make better television than GB News's latest signing, her fellow Johnson loyalist Jacob Rees-Mogg.