THE National’s new weekly podcast’s latest episode gives an overview of the biggest stories coming from Holyrood.

Political reporters Abbi Garton-Crosbie and Steph Brawn discuss the big stories of the week inside and outside of the Scottish Parliament, bringing you an analysis of the top stories straight after First Minister’s Questions (FMQs).

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This week they discussed the issues around the Isla Bryson case, a transgender woman who was convicted of two counts of rape when she was a man, and the political furore over where she should be housed in the prison estate, a topic which dominated FMQs.

We also take a look at The National’s exclusive polling series ranging from a HUGE lead for support for independence (54%) and whether or not Prince Andrew should be allowed to keep his title.

Working with polling firm Find Out Now, we investigated the big issues facing Scotland’s future - from the NHS, to the BBC’s reporting of Brexit, and how much support there is for a de facto referendum bid.

And, we have the latest updates on the row over the UK Government’s use of a Section 35 order to block Scotland’s gender reforms from becoming law, as well as other stories dominating the Scottish political discussion this week.

The show will be available to listen to on the Omny streaming platform, Spotify and The National’s website each Friday. You can hear Episode 2 below.

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