ANAS Sarwar has said Keir Starmer is right not to oppose the UK Government blocking Scotland’s gender reforms bill.

The Scottish Labour leader defended his boss after Starmer decided not to challenge the Tories’ unprecedented use of a Section 35 order.

Sarwar said the UK party were right not to enter into a "Tory trap" on the issue.

Earlier this month Scottish Secretary Alister Jack issued the never-used-before power to block the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

The reforms would have made it easier for trans people in Scotland to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

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Scottish Labour whipped its MSPs to vote for the legislation but UK leader Starmer expressed concerns over a provision in the bill that would allow a person to legally change their gender from age 16.

Appearing on Representing Border on Thursday, Sarwar said he stood by his decision to fully back the bill.

Asked about the division between UK and Scottish Labour, Sarwar said all parties had internal divisions over the issue.

Sarwar said: “On the actual Section 35 order itself, we are on complete agreement that this is the wrong approach.

“The right approach would be for the governments to get their heads together, to cooperate.”

Sarwar was then interrupted by journalist Peter MacMahon who said: “But Labour is not going to block it. It’s going to support the UK Government blocking it, isn’t it? Or it’s at least not going to oppose it, which is the same thing.”

Sarwar responded: “What we said is it’s the wrong approach. Both governments, if they are acting in good faith should cooperate on this.

“What UK Labour is not going to do, and I think Keir Starmer is right about this, is to enter into some deliberate trap where the Conservative Party is trying to make this a culture war.”

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The comments came as Starmer suggested he will now take control of Scottish Labour’s position on gender reforms.

Speaking to the Spectator, he said the issue had “now become a UK-wide issue, not just a Scottish Parliament issue”.

He continued: “So it’s for the Labour party, under my leadership, to take the key decisions as we go forward from there.”

Earlier this month, just 11 UK Labour MPs voted against the Tory block on the Scottish bill which was passed 318-71.