THE majority of voters “don’t know” what Keir Starmer’s flagship policies are, a poll has revealed.

Redfield and Wilton Strategies published a word cloud of responses to the question: “What policy do you most associate with Keir Starmer?”

The largest response, of 1500 surveyed, was “don’t know”, with “nothing” and “no idea” just underneath in slightly smaller letters. There were also a number of responses which read, “not a clue”.

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The next most popular responses included the economy, immigration, working class rights, employment and cost of living. Education, tax, energy, social justice and Brexit were other responses which appeared the word cloud.

Starmer has been criticised by the SNP in the past for embracing Brexit, particularly in his New Year speech where he said he wanted to embrace the “take back control” message used by the Leave campaign.

Earlier this month he was accused of breaking promises over the NHS by appearing to suggest that parts should be privatised. Starmer said that a Labour government would work “in partnership with private business” to deliver the health service.

He has also faced criticism for refusing to take a firm position on the UK Government’s decision to block Scotland’s gender reforms from becoming law. It comes as a former Labour minister under Tony Blair backed the UK Government’s decision, highlighting further splits between the UK and Scottish party branches.

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When voters were asked the same question about Rishi Sunak, the main phrase was “make maths compulsory”, as well as “nothing” and “don’t know”.

Social media users were quick to comment on the word cloud, with the post gathering almost 200,000 views in the space of a few hours. The word cloud for Sunak, posted shortly before Starmer’s only gathered just over 30,000 views in comparison.

One Twitter user wrote: “The Beige man, but Red.”

Another added: “None. Has he got any?”

While one said: “I think he would say mission accomplished.”

Another said simply: “Fence sitting.”

Labour has been contacted for comment.