THE gender critical campaign group which caused controversy after a speaker at their event quoted Adolf Hitler to attack trans rights has said it will be protesting in Scotland.

A counter-protest has been organised by one LGBT+ group after Standing for Women – the group run by the controversial activist Posie Parker (real name Kellie-Jay Keen) – announced it would be demonstrating in Glasgow.

Keen wrote on Twitter: “Fancy telling everyone what you think of women's rights in #Scotland? Fed up with @NicolaSturgeon and her gang of misogynists? Join us on the 5th February.”

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At an event which Keen’s group organised in Newcastle on January 15, speaker Lisa Morgan was videoed quoting Hitler to attack trans rights.

She said: “Do you know the big lie? The big lie was first described by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf. The big lie is such a big lie that ordinary people like us think: ‘Well, that can’t be a lie because I would never tell such a big lie as that. We only lie in small ways.’

“The big lie, well there is one big lie going on, and it was begun by men in the early part of the 20th century. It began when they had an erotic fantasy and they decided they were going to sell us the big lie – and what is the big lie?

“The big lie is that trans women are women. But they’re not, are they? They’re men.”

Cabaret Against The Hate Speech, a Scottish LGBT collective, has said they will be organising a counter-protest when Keen’s group appears in Glasgow.

A CATHS spokesperson told The National: “She was using Nazi theory, the big lie which was what they used against the Jews, to justify her transphobia. At no point did anybody on Keen’s team or Keen challenge that. No one in the group did anything afterwards, they didn’t apologise, they were actually trying to justify it.

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“I really don’t know what else you can say. It’s just beyond disgusting.

“These arguments are false and misleading because if there were any threats to women at all with the GRR Bill, why couldn’t trans women be included in the conversation?

“If your concern is that predators will get into single-sex spaces, why aren’t you including trans women to be protected also? It’s transphobia under the guise of safeguarding.”

The spokesperson said they would be protesting against Keen and her group, who they said is “touring the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand spreading lies and misinformation against the trans community, painting them as deviants, predators, and a danger to women and children”.

“With everything that’s happened with the GRR bill right now in particular, it’s maybe emboldened her to come to Scotland,” they added.

Cabaret Against The Hate Speech were present at protests outside the Scottish Parliament last Thursday which saw gender critical campaigners brand them “all f***ing child molesters” and “paedophiles”.

In response, the group sang and danced to the Rocky Horror classic Time Warp.

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A spokesperson told The National that their goal was to “sing, celebrate, and challenge hate”.

“We uplift each other with the music that we love to show the people that hate us so much that we are just like them,” they said. “We also celebrate our lives and our joy at being LGBT+ people through the music that we love to show that we are not to be afraid of or feared.

“Our goal is simply to be a positive presence in the space and to show that hate is never tolerated, in Scotland in particular.

“I don’t think a lot is done when everyone is just shouting. Haters won’t listen to any reason, so you’re wasting your voice. So we thought it would be a great idea to just go along and sing and celebrate and challenge them with their hate.

“What happened with us at the Scottish Parliament was they were holding up these terrible signs with horrible things written on them and shouting terrible things at us, but they couldn’t help but dance along to the music we were singing, bopping to the beat.”

The group is hoping for a repeat performance of their counter protest when Keen’s Standing for Women appear in Glasgow on Sunday February 5. Their demonstration is planned for midday to 2pm and is billed as being somewhere near Queens Street Station.

Standing for Women were approached for comment.