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A GB News presenter has launched an attack on Scottish media, labelling one STV journalist the network's “chief propagandist” - in what can only be described as the world's foremost attempt at a lack of self-awareness.

Broadcaster Dan Wootton climbed out of his glass house on Monday and sighed as he watched the now-viral clip of Colin Mackay grilling Rishi Sunak over a second Scottish independence referendum.

In the video, Mackay refuses to let Sunak evade the question of whether would accept the next UK General Election as a de facto referendum.

The interview had seen praise from across the political spectrum, with even Spectator editor Fraser Nelson calling Mackay a “superb journalist” and “perhaps the sharpest broadcast interviewer in Scotland”.

Meanwhile, lawyer and activist Peter Stefanovic tweeted: "Imagine if every journalist held government to account like this."

But it appears the interview has gone down a little differently in the GB News offices.

After showing a clip of Nicola Sturgeon defending the GRA Bill against an unprecedented block by the UK Government, Wootton used Olympic-level mental gymnastics to link the Sunak interview on a de facto independence referendum to media coverage of Scotland's Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

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Taking a break from the round-the-clock coverage of Harry and Meghan, the GB News host launched an attack on the Scottish press ... for pro-SNP bias, apparently.

He said: “Now if you think there’s balanced coverage in the media in Scotland over this issue [gender reforms] think again.

“Look at how STV’s chief propagandist and political editor, that’s his official title, Colin Mackay, challenged Sunak on independence over the weekend.”

Wootton then played the clip of the Scottish journalist grilling the Prime Minister over whether he was ignoring Scottish democracy.

After playing the clip, Wootton sighs and looks to his fellow host, arch-Unionist and woke weather warrior, Neil Oliver.

“Neil Oliver, wow, it’s fair to say that Sturgeon isn’t exactly getting any tough coverage over this from the Scottish media," he said.

That accusation came as a great surprise to the entirety of the Scottish press, a press that only has one daily newspaper that even supports independence.

If Wootton took the time he'd realise that coverage in Scotland has been dominated by the SNP's independence plans and the GRA Bill, which has been heavily scrutinised by MSPs.

Oliver said: “I was watching that clip back again of Nicola Sturgeon and what she really means is that it’s an outrage that anyone would think to challenge her.

"In her opinion anyone who gets in her face and says no is just outrageous and it’s untenable for her, it’s unimaginable for her that she would be challenged in her position as First Minister."

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It may well be worth reminding Oliver that an overwhelming majority of MSPs, across party lines, voted for this bill.

And that it is not just the SNP, but the Greens and Labour who are accusing the UK Government of an attack on devolution. 

And it may well be worth reminding Wootton, that you may have been made aware of these facts if you had spoken to someone with real knowledge of Scottish politics, not someone who compares those skipping Covid vaccines to soldiers who fought the Nazis in World War Two.

A spokesperson STV said: “STV follows strict Ofcom guidelines for all programming, ensuring accuracy and due impartiality across all of our news output.”