The National:

The latest audio clip from Spare to hit Twitter has been described as “Prince Harry absolutely nailing a Scottish accent”.

That particular review of the Duke of Wales giving his all to sounding like a highland gamekeeper on the heather littered moors at Balmoral is up for debate.

The clip is from a memory of the Prince and his guide, Sandy, who is described as looking “a thousand years old”, stalking a stag, which is fated to be the Prince’s first killing.

The incredibly detailed scene, which could make any reader unwantedly smell inside the carcass along with the Prince, whose head was pushed inside the animal after it was slaughtered, ends with his guide telling him to let the blood of the stag dry on his face.

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Harry proceeded to reflectively call the tradition known as Blooding, as a “blood facial”, a baptismal and that “ten Highland baths wouldn’t cleanse” the stench. Yikes.

The Jouker would describe this attempt as unfortunate. A bit of Scots also features in the scene: gralloching – the Old Scottish word for disembowelling. Cultured.

It's hard to imagine how recording this book was any fun for the Prince, but The Jouker sure he had at least a little laugh at his own accent attempt hearing it back.