SCORES of journalists, politicians and Yes activists have been taken by surprise after they were followed by a Hollywood actor on Twitter.

John Cena, known for his roles in Fast and Furious 9 and Suicide Squad, baffled dozens of Scots after they received the surprise notification.

The 45-year-old WWE wrestler, whose role in Fast and Furious sees him zip-wire across Edinburgh city centre, has gone on a following spree this month - following Green MSP Ross Greer, Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, CEO of the SNP and husband of Nicola Sturgeon Peter Murrell, among a number of others in the Scottish political sphere.

SNP strategist Ross Colquhoun and Scottish comedian Eleanor Morton also expressed their shock at the follow from the Peacemaker actor.

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East Dunbartonshire's MP was taken aback when she saw the American wrester, who has 14 million followers on Twitter, pop up in her phone, saying she’d “like to know more” about why he followed her.

Showcasing her knowledge of Cena's film and wrestling history, Amy Callaghan told The National: "I was under the impression that John Cena 'couldn't see me' so getting a follow from him was surprising, to say the least.

"He seems to be following a whole host of journalists, politicians and activists throughout Scotland.

"Perhaps he's having an 'Attitude Adjustment' and is 'wrestling' with the concept of independence.”

The wrestler is widely known for his signature catchphrase "you can't see me" - an apparent reference to his speed in the ring. He is also remembered for his trademark finishing wrestling move, the "attitude adjustment".

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance expressed his joy at the follow from the wrestler, and invited him back to Scotland.

He tweeted: “Thanks for the follow @JohnCena - if you're ever in Scotland I would be more than happy to give you a tour of the Scottish Parliament.”

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Cena previously shared his love for Scotland while filming in Edinburgh, saying: “I had a great time filming in Scotland. I love Scotland, clearly.”

Cena follows a whopping 522,500 people on his Twitter account, which means they will be more likely to appear on his timeline and allows him to send and receive messages with the person.

The wrestler has become well-known for his Twitter following sprees, in which he apparently picks a sector and follows dozens of accounts related to it, including a number of Tory, Labour and LibDem politicians. 

The move comes after the Holyrood star followed dozens of Scottish journalists and outlets, including those from The National.

Cena has been approached for comment.