The National:

IF you wondered how the British press was taking the publication of Prince Harry’s book “Spare”, then a moment spent listening to occasional Daily Mail columnist A N Wilson might give you some idea.

Admittedly, even a moment spent listening to a Mail columnist is more than the Jouker can normally endure, but this latest tirade from Wilson can’t help but catch the eye.

After reading the prince’s book – which details how he lost his virginity behind a pub, recalls taking mushrooms and cocaine, and alleges that he was physically assaulted by his brother William – Wilson concluded: “It is like reading Mein Kampf.”

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While that may seem hyperbolic – who could ever accuse the British press of such a thing? – Wilson insists the two books are alike because “Hitler thinks he’s a great hero and you put the book down with absolute disgust”.

Wilson, who has penned a poorly reviewed biography about the Nazi dictator, says that people will put down Harry’s Spare with “total disgust at the self-pity, self-indulgence of this character”.

But Wilson wasn’t done there. The book, he told Times Radio, is “Diana’s revenge”.

“It is [Diana’s revenge] because the villain of the book is the present queen, is Camilla.

“He can’t conceal his loathing of Camilla and he puts in lots of things that I’m 95% certain are untrue, namely that Camilla was always campaigning to become the Queen of England,” he said.

“All the anecdotal evidence was that she was perfectly happy to remain Charles’s girlfriend.”

Well not ALL the anecdotal evidence. There is a book that reads just like Mein Kampf named Diana’s Revenge that alleges differently, apparently.