THE UK Government will hit a “disgraceful new low” if it insists on transgender Scots applying for a separate Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) south of the Border, a Green MSP has said.

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has said a list of countries that are deemed by the UK to have sufficient checks and balances on people looking to legally change gender is to be reviewed and updated.

As part of this process, it’s possible Scotland could be removed from the list which would mean transgender Scots would have to apply for a UK GRC for their acquired gender to be recognised.

This review will be carried out before any move is made to block the Gender Recognition Reform Bill approved by MSPs last month – something Rishi Sunak and Alister Jack have suggested could happen.

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Green MSP Maggie Chapman said refusing to recognise a Scottish GRC would set a “terrible precedent” and represent a “shocking” attack on devolution and democracy.

She told the National: "This would be a disgraceful new low from a UK Government that is happy to scapegoat and demonise trans people in order to detract from its many shocking failings. It would set a terrible precedent and send an awful message to our trans siblings here in Scotland and around the world.

"It would also be a shocking attack on devolution and democracy, and would undermine all of the rhetoric and claims about us supposedly being better together. The reality is that Downing Street is creating an even more hostile environment for the LGBTQIA+ community and we must stand together and resist it.”

The list of countries with approved GRCs was last updated in 2011 when Montenegro and Latvia were removed from it.

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LGBT charity Stonewall has said any interference from Westminster over the Scottish bill will not only impact on the UK’s international standing but also “undermine” the relationship with the Scottish Government.

The UK Government has insisted it is not discriminating against people from foreign countries with GRCs.

The Scottish Government has said it is up to Westminster as to whether or not it recognises GRCs issued in Scotland but emphasised the bill – which will make it easier for trans people to obtain a GRC – was backed by an overwhelming majority in Holyrood and any attempt to block it would be “vigorously contested”.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The bill as passed is within legislative competence, and was backed by an overwhelming majority, with support from all parties.

“Any attempt by the UK Government to undermine the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament will be vigorously contested by the Scottish Government.

“It is entirely up to the UK Government if they choose to recognise Gender Recognition Certificates issued in Scotland.”