NADINE Dorries has been left fuming amid reports the Government is planning to abandon plans to sell off Channel 4.

Privatising the broadcaster was one of the former culture secretary’s key goals while in post, along with pushing through the Online Safety Bill, which she said has also been watered down.

Dorries took to Twitter to vent her frustration after The News Agents podcast published a letter from the current Culture Secretary to Rishi Sunak advising the Prime Minister to drop the policy.

Michelle Donelan wrote: “I have concluded that pursuing a sale at this point is not the right decision and there are better ways to secure [Channel Four’s] sustainability”.

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In an exasperated tweet, Dorries claimed the sell-off would give a £2 billion boost to the public purse – a figure disputed by some who reportedly think privatisation would be worth as little as £500 million.

“Three years of a progressive Tory government being washed down the drain,” wrote Dorries.

“Levelling up, dumped. Social care reform, dumped. Keeping young and vulnerable people safe online, watered down. A bonfire of EU leg, not happening. Sale of C4 giving back £2b reversed. Replaced with what?”

Taking aim at Sunak's ridiculed plans to reform maths education in England she added: “A policy at some time in the future to teach maths for longer with teachers we don’t yet even have to do so.

“Where is the mandate – who voted for this? Will now be almost impossible to face the electorate at a [General Election] and expect voters to believe or trust our manifesto commitments.”

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) called reports that the sale would be abandoned “speculation”.

A Government spokesperson said: “We do not comment on speculation.

“The DCMS Secretary of State has been clear that we are looking again at the business case for the sale of Channel 4. We will announce more on our plans in due course."