POLITICAL drama in 2022 shows why Scotland should become independent, the SNP’s depute leader has said.

Keith Brown, who also serves as Scotland’s Justice Secretary, said the “soap opera” of three prime ministers and dozens of UK Government resignations this year contributed to “utter chaos” within politics.

Plans proposed by Liz Truss, who spent just 49 days in Downing Street, were credited with contributing to economic chaos and sparking interventions from the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund before being scrapped when she was replaced by current incumbent Rishi Sunak.

Brown also said Scotland is being “dragged along for the ride” as inflation rises and the UK enters a recession. “Scotland has had to suffer yet another year of Westminster chaos and economic mismanagement,”he said.

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“The year of 2022 might yet prove to be one of the worst ever – and has proven why Scotland needs to escape Westminster control by becoming an independent country.

“Inflation has hit record highs, shopping bills have skyrocketed and the UK economy has plummeted into recession. Meanwhile Scotland is dragged along for the ride.

“We have also had to put up with the Tory soap opera of three prime ministers and 147 government resignations. This year has been complete and utter chaos from start to finish from this Government.”

Brown also took aim at the Labour Party, claiming it is now “pro-Brexit”. He said: “Labour have not been much better as they signed themselves up as a fully-fledged pro-Brexit party, with Keir Starmer claiming there is ‘no case’ for rejoining the EU – a market seven times the size of the UK.

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“That is despite the mountains of evidence that Brexit is hammering the Scottish economy every day.

“Scotland will wish 2022 away gladly at the bells, but 2023 looks like we will get more of the same from the Tories and the pro-Brexit Labour Party.

“That is why the only way for Scotland to escape is by becoming an independent country.”