AN SNP MSP has condemned the “malicious” attempt to harass her ahead of the Scottish Parliament’s stage 3 debate on gender reform.

Karen Adam, the MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast and a vocal proponent of the reform, said she believed that gender-critical activists were behind the incident and “not for the first time”. 

An anonymous person had signed Adam up to have an eyebrow, lip, and extended bikini wax at a salon in Edinburgh at around the same time as the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (GRR) debate was due to start.

The MSP said the details of the appointment had been sent to her personal email and added the police may become involved.

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She told The National: “This type of malicious, unnerving and creepy behaviour appears to have become a desperate attempt to further harass people supporting the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. It is quite clearly misogynistic in its message and is something I have often seen incoming from those opposed.

“It’s not the first time I or my office have been subject to harassment from the self-proclaimed gender-critical lobby, and it certainly will not deter me from doing the right thing and progressing the cause for human rights.

“Unfortunately, there is a very vocal minority who appear to continue to spread vitriolic misinformation for their own end over a policy that will have absolutely no impact over their own lives.

“We saw similar types of hate and fear campaigning when Section 28 [a law which prohibited the "promotion of homosexuality”] was being debated. Now people don’t give it a second thought.

“It’s the same pattern of discrimination that has been stirred during the course of discussing GRR.”

The GRR debate got underway in Holyrood on Tuesday afternoon, with Scottish Tory MSPs moving nuisance motions and points of order in an attempt to frustrate its progress.

The party was also accused of helping gender-critical activists to fill the public gallery of the debate.