JEREMY Vine read out a tweet from a renowned Twitter parody account which pretends to be a former Tory MP during his show on Wednesday morning. 

The TV presenter was discussing the latest industrial action from the RMT. 

He spoke of the “anger” surrounding the situation and proceeded to show the tweet he said came from the user named "Sir Michael Take" - Micky Take, for short. 

Take’s tweet read: “Our old boys dinner at The Ritz has been cancelled because of the Rail Strike. 

“Usually we meet up & raise money for our old school. Thanks to Mick Lynch & his cronies this won’t happen. 

“A public school is now without vital funds & some poor elderly men missing pals to talk to.”

After reading out the tweet, Vine said: "I mention it because this guy's a parody and it's a very funny account. 

"The anger responding to that just showed how nasty this thing has got."

Take has previously sent out sarcastic tweets about Tory MPs. He recently mocked Suella Braverman and Nadhim Zahawi for taking selfies in the snow. 

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Take has since responded to Vine reading out his tweet, saying: “Very pleased to see my common-sense opinions about The Rail Strike were featured on @theJeremyVine’s TV programme this morning.

“I’m delighted that viewers of @JeremyVineOn5 were able to listen to my views on all of this industrial action.”