MICK Lynch has accused the BBC of taking its lines from the “right-wing press” as he was interviewed about the latest strike action.

He accused the broadcaster of “never taking an impartial view on the way society is balanced” and that it always “seems to punt out anything” which comes from employers or the Government.

The RMT general secretary was asked about the average pay which was lost by his members as they take strike action.

Lynch said: “Why are you pursuing this line Mishal (Husain), why are you pursuing this line in particular?”

The host replied that she said it was because Lynch said his “members were making a sacrifice” and pushed him to put a number on how much members had lost.

“I read this stuff in The Sun and The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Are you taking your lines from the right-wing press”, asked Lynch.

He continued: “Why aren’t you interested in what Network Rail and the Government are doing to working people across this country, impoverishing them every day.

“People are being impoverished every day and every week.”

The union boss was interviewed across several media outlets on Tuesday morning, where he also clashed with Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley.

Husain said she was interested in how much members had lost due to the cost of living crisis.

Lynch continued: “Why don’t they give us a decent pay rise then? Why don’t you pursue that?

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“Why don’t you pursue the Government? Why are you pursuing an editorial line I could read in The Sun, or The Daily Mail or any of the right-wing press in this country and you’re not pursuing the fact that working people, millions of them, are being impoverished and some of them made destitute by the attitude of this government and by their employers.

“I find this a shocking stance that the BBC will take, you’re just parroting the most right-wing stuff you can get hold of on behalf of the establishment and it’s about time you showed some impartiality towards your listeners and to working class people in this country who are being screwed to the floor by the attitudes and policies of this government.”