RMT general secretary Mick Lynch clashed with Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley after the presenter described the latest wave of strike action as “almost sadism”.

Members of the RMT will take part in 24-hour industrial action on Monday over in an ongoing dispute over pay.

Madeley was questioning Lynch on the latest wave of strikes on Good Morning Britain, saying that people were “appalled” at the “act of unkindness”.

The presenter questioned why the strikes couldn’t be moved to January rather than taking place over the festive period.

He also accused the RMT of “robbing” hospitality workers of their income as many may have no means of transport to reach venues.

Lynch replied: “Well we’re not targeting Christmas, it isn’t Christmas yet Richard, I don’t know when your Christmas starts but mine starts on Christmas Eve so we are striking at this time because we have not got a settlement.”

Madeley replied by accusing Lynch of being “disingenuous” and said that “commercial Christmas” started at the beginning of December.

Lynch rejected this claim and asked to finish the question before Madeley continued to speak over the union leader.

“Richard, you’re just talking to yourself, you’re ranting. Richard you’re ranting”, said Lynch.

He added: “Right, have you finished then because you’re just ranting now."

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The pair continued to clash with Madeley saying he would not let Lynch “get away with nonsense” while telling him that “Christmas does not start on Christmas eve”.

The union boss said: “Richard, why don’t you just interview yourself.”

Many have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the video, including SNP MP John Nicolson.

The MP said: “This is truly terrible interviewing. #MickLynch correct when he says, ‘you’re just ranting’ and ‘you’re just talking to yourself'.

“But it’s not a fair fight. A highly intelligent, articulate interviewee versus … well have a listen.”

Another user described Madeley’s line of questioning as “absolutely pathetic” while another accused him of “seeking to paint those on strike in the worst possible light”.

The RMT also re-tweeted the clip with the caption: “Partridge in a pear tree. The rant before Christmas. Call it what you will but enjoy and share Richard Madeley interviewing himself!”