IAN Blackford has invited King Charles to visit him on his croft on the Isle of Skye.

The former leader of the SNP at Westminster has previously made a similar request to the King in an effort to boost the profile of crofting in Scotland.

He said: “He has a love of crofting and is a champion of the way of life.

“I have offered the opportunity previously and would reiterate that welcome for him to share the experience again as it would give a boost to crofting at a time when it especially needs it.

“I know the King would love to enjoy working on a croft again and I hope His Majesty will find time in his busy schedule ahead.”

King Charles previously spent a few days working as a crofter on the island of Berneray in the 1980’s, where he planted trees, picked potatoes and helped tend to the sheep.

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Blackford, who recently stepped down as the SNP’s leader at Westminster, lives on a 10-acre croft at Waternish on the Isle of Skye.

After a successful career in finance, Blackford moved to Skye with his wife Anne in 2004 when they were able to purchase a croft that had historical connections to her family.

During his time as an MP, Blackford has consistently been a champion for crofting.

However, he has previously faced criticism from environmentalists after calling for a cull of white-tailed sea eagles, which crofters say prey upon lambs.

His working sheepdog Maisie previously made a splash when she barked at Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions when Blackford appeared via video link.

Blackford said of his pet: “She has become quite a star with quite a following – she can smell out Tory sleaze from 600 miles away.”