ALEX Salmond's Alba Party have called on the independence movement to come together and sign its "St Andrew's Day Declaration".

The message declares that the people of Scotland have the right to self-determination and to challenge any authority or government which denies Scots that right.

The move follows the UK Supreme Court's ruling that Scotland cannot hold an independence referendum without the permission of Westminster.

Pro-independence figures have accused the UK Government of not respecting democracy by not granting a Section 30 order (which gives the Scottish Government the powers to hold an indyref) following a pro-Yes majority of MSPs at the last Holyrood elections.

The St Andrews Declaration states that Scots should be able to determine the country's future.

It says: “We the people, elected members and civic organisations of Scotland assert that our nation has the right of self-determination to freely determine our political status and to freely pursue our economic, social and cultural development.

"Mindful of the Scottish constitutional tradition of the sovereignty of the people we will democratically challenge any authority or government which seeks to deny us that right.”

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Speaking at the party's "Way Foward" Special National Assembly in Perth on Sunday, Neale Hanvey said the message is "grounded in the Scottish conditional tradition". 

The Alba MP told members: “This meeting today represents the beating heart of the Independence movement, drawn from all parties and none, who want to see our country realise its full economic, social, and cultural potential as an independent country among the other independent nations of Europe and the World.

“The key question is how do we get there? It is our collective duty to sign post the way.

“Not one person, not one party, but a movement united.

“A movement that will map out a democratic, legal, and constitutional route to Independence - just as Alex Salmond did before the Referendum in 2014. It was this that led to the extraordinary rise of the Yes movement in answer to that call.

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“The St Andrew’s Day Declaration shows the way. Grounded in the Scottish Constitutional tradition it asserts the sovereign will of the people of Scotland to determine the form of government best suited to our needs.

“Now is the time for every MP, MSP, and councillor, who believes in independence to sign that declaration, to bend Westminster to that sovereign will.

“Now is the time to put country before party, to unite the movement and to win our country’s freedom.”

The Alba Party's St Andrew's Day Declaration has so far been signed by 2600 people and can be found here