RISHI Sunak has adopted a new strategy in a bid to drive support for the Union and prevent Scottish independence

He has reportedly abandoned Boris Johnson’s “Project Love”, which was designed to help make a positive case for the Union in a bid to persuade voters across the UK to support it.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Sunak’s bid to stop independence is now being led by a “show-not-tell” strategy.

This will involve scaling back rhetoric on the Union and focusing on the Government’s work in each of the four nations.

The aim is to help voters recognise how Westminster has a positive impact on their lives.

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Although Sunak retains the “minister for the Union” title which was invented by Boris Johnson prior to his resignation, sources told the newspaper he has made it clear to the Cabinet that they are all expected to fulfil this role.

SNP MSP Rona Mackay was unfazed by the new plans, and told The National that people in Scotland have seen enough of what Westminster control means.

“Whether it be the damage and pain being caused by the Tories Brexit obsession, inhumane immigration policies or their cruel austerity agenda - the more we see from the Tories, the more compelling the case for Scotland to be independent becomes," she said.

"Ultimately, Scotland doesn't need to see any more - that's why people voted overwhelmingly for a chance to have the choice of a better, fairer future in an independence referendum."

The strategy news comes following last week’s announcement from Alister Jack who said that the head of the UK civil service will be looking into whether Scottish officials should still be allowed to work on indyref2 preparation.

The UK Supreme Court recently ruled that Holyrood could not legislate for a second independence referendum without Westminster’s consent.

This led to a number of rallies across both Scotland and Europe.

Sunak’s plans have also been revealed as Baroness Arlene Foster claimed that she was "worried" about English people giving up on the Union