A BACKLASH has erupted in Scotland after reports that King Charles is planning to hand the title of “Duchess of Edinburgh” to one of his grandchildren.

The monarch is said to be preparing to hand the title to Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate’s second child and the third person in line to the throne.

The plans have been branded “feudal patronage of the worst kind” by Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard.

“Says it all that they take whatever titles they want, rather than asking the people who live here,” he added.

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The campaign group Our Republic also criticised the plans, but said they were “unsurprised by the monarchy's continued entitlement to claim ownership of cities at a whim and grant them to members of their family with no connection to them”.

Charlotte, along with her older brother George and younger brother Louis, were already granted new titles after the death of the Queen in September.

The three young royals became princes and princess of Wales after King Charles granted their father William (below) his former title over the nation.

The National: Prince William pictured last month (Yui Mok/PA)

The move led to a backlash from Welsh politicians, with Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price saying he did “not believe there is a role in modern, democratic Wales for the Prince of Wales”.

Gwynedd, the council area in Wales where Charles was handed his title of prince, saw its local politicians vote by 46 votes to four against William being given the title, and said it should be abolished altogether.

Referencing the Welsh backlash, Our Republic convener Tristan Gray said plans to name Charlotte the Duchess of Edinburgh was “just the latest of a long line of decisions made with open contempt for the people they claim to represent in their rule”.

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He went on: “Gwynedd council was right to call for the abolition of the Prince of Wales title after a new prince was foisted on them without so much as an indication the people of Wales should have some say in who claims that title. A title steeped in history disregarded by this family…

“We would like to echo the response of [actor] Michael Sheen – there is more than one story in these isles, there is more than one tradition, there is more than one history. They deserve better than to be treated as yet another medal to be pinned, unearned, to the suits of whichever royal fancies them.

“We hope the City of Edinburgh follows suit, and makes clear that if there is to be a person given titles bearing the name of the city – that person should be elected by the people and accountable to them.”

Alba also criticised King Charles over the reported decision, saying people did not want a new Duchess amidst a cost-of-living crisis.

The party’s general secretary, Chris McEleny, said: “We are in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. People across Scotland are facing a winter of getting themselves into heavy debt to pay for heating their homes and putting food on the table – making Scots face the absurdity of living fuel poor in an energy-rich nation.

“Meanwhile, Charles’ London government are refusing to accept that Scotland should be allowed to choose its own future and his Supreme Court has said our parliament doesn’t have the power to allow us to do so.

“That against this backdrop he thinks what the people of Scotland want, and need, is a new Duchess shows how completely out of touch this King is with the reality of life in Scotland.”

Buckingham Palace has been approached for comment.