THIS St Andrew’s Day will see 18,000 school children cooking with and enjoying a Scotch lamb school dinner thanks to a generous donation from the Scotch Lamb Bank.

Since the Lamb Bank started three years ago, 62,000 school children have cooked or eaten lamb, many for the first time in school, for St Andrew’s Day.

As part of this year’s activity, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has created two cost-effective recipes to help feed hungry pupils: Scotch lamb naan pizza and Scotch lamb dhansak.

QMS is also encouraging the nation to choose Scotch lamb when celebrating our patron saint’s day tomorrow.

Many people may not realise but autumn is one of the best times to enjoy Scotch lamb, with an abundance of locally sourced and reared lamb available to purchase. The industry body is on a mission to make Scotch lamb as synonymous with St Andrew’s Day as haggis is for Burns Night.

Lesley Cameron, marketing and communications director at Quality Meat Scotland, said: “We are proud to be encouraging the nation to enjoy Scotch lamb on St Andrew’s Day.

“Not always the go-to choice for youngsters, lamb is a sustainable protein that plays a crucial role in maintaining the country’s unique landscape – it most certainly deserves its place on the table.

“This year, more families than ever will be looking to make savvy swaps during the cost of living crisis and budget-friendly cuts of Scotch lamb are great for recipes such as curries that can be batch cooked and frozen.

“Enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, red meat is packed with immune-boosting health benefits, including B12 and zinc.”

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Scotch lamb for St Andrew’s Day is also supported by United Auctions, The Institute Of Appraisers And Auctioneers In Scotland, the National Farmers Union Scotland, the National Sheep Association Scotland and the Scotch Butchers Club, and aims to inspire the nation to choose Scotch lamb when organising their own St Andrew’s Day events.

Looking for further inspiration for your St Andrew’s Day feast why not try Scotch Lamb Skewers with Coriander Pesto or Oaty Scotch Lamb Burgers. You can find a host of delicious lamb recipes at

To keep up with the #LambForStAndrewsDay campaign, follow @MakeItScotch.