A CROWDFUNDER has been launched to commission new polling on independence in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that Scotland does not have the power to hold indyref2 without Westminster consent.

The Fetter Together group is looking to raise £1500 in order to have a “standard, rigorous” poll run to gauge whether the court’s decision has impacted on support for independence.

Iain Nicol, the group’s director, said: “A week ago, the Supreme Court said we have no right to an independence referendum. But mainstream Unionism was founded on the concept of a ‘Union by consent’, or a ‘partnership of equals’.

“Telling us Scots what we can and can’t do could be very unpopular. However, we don’t know that, because there has been almost no polling, bar an interesting but non-standard question by Channel 4.”

Nicol was referencing polling from Find Out Now, commissioned by the publicly owned broadcaster, which found that half of Scots would vote SNP at the next General Election if doing so would mean leaving the Union.


The respondents were asked: “Would you vote SNP at the next General Election if a victory for them could lead to Scotland leaving the UK?”

Some 50% said yes, 33% said no, and 16% said they didn’t know or preferred not to say.

Fetter Together said they would also look to commission Find Out Now, but would aim for a more standardised question.

Their crowdfunding page states: “This is a proper poll we're after. We'll ask the standard question. The polling will be performed by Find Out Now, who are a British Polling Council (BPC) member. They will ask 1000 demographically representative adults, who are resident in Scotland. The answer will also be rigorously adjusted for turnout by Electoral Calculus.

“The caveats are: (A) For budget reasons, we will ask people aged 18+, not aged 16+.

“(B) Because of the Supreme Court ruling, we'll need to add a preamble, or tweak, the ordinary indyref question. But we'll keep it as close as possible, for the sake of comparability.”

“On the off chance we exceed the fundraising goal, we'll commission more polls in the future,” they add.

You can donate to the Fetter Together fundraising drive here.