A PERTH and Kinross councillor has said abuse against Scottish Tories “should be publicly condemned”.

It comes after the Conservative councillor Crawford Reid suggested Scottish Tories be recognised as an “ethnic and minority group”.

He made the comment at a Perth and Kinross Council meeting earlier this month as councillors unanimously approved two separate motions to tackle anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

At the November 9 meeting the Strathallan councillor suggested the motions be widened to include “other ethnic and minority groups” – including Scottish Tories.

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Reid told councillors: “Perhaps the discussion should be widened to consider all ethnic and minority groups, including groups such as Sikhs, Hindus and – dare I say it – Scottish Tories.”

His comments were met with a stunned silence and Reid later apologised to councillors “for any inappropriateness”.

Following the meeting the Conservative councillor told the Local Democracy Reporting Service he had not meant for the remarks to be interpreted as flippant.

He said: “I did not mean for them to be – or to be interpreted as – flippant.

“I totally supported the two motions proposed by Councillor Barrett.

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“My point – and it may not have come over sincerely – was meant to be that we should as a council abhor abuse against any group. I referenced Sikhs and Hindus but could have mentioned the Chinese community who have received inappropriate comments – and worse – related to Covid.

“My reference to the Scottish Tories was in specific relation to the torrent of abuse – verbal and physical – against those attending the recent hustings in Perth. This behaviour cannot be condoned and – I believe – should be publicly condemned.

“I was, I repeat, in no way meaning to be flippant.”