SCOTLAND’s baby box is being internationally praised after going viral on social media.

Expectant mother and professional YouTuber Vanessa Kanbi, 30, shared the contents of the baby box on TikTok – all of which are provided for free by the Scottish Government.

Her short video shows all the items included in the box, such as clothes, nappy vouchers, a blanket and a mattress.

It has received more than 7 million views in three days and is being praised as an example of good governmental support for mothers.

@vanessakanbi Scotlands free baby boy including a bed! #babybox #babyboxscotland #scotlandbabybox #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - Vanessa Kanbi

Speaking to The National, Kanbi said: "I got my baby box because I am about to have my third baby and I was like 'This is so amazing'. It is incredible what Scotland's doing for women and children.

"It seems like a lot of the viewers are from America where they have to pay a lot of money whilst giving birth.

"So, for them to see me getting all these free things through the government, obviously paid for by taxpayers, they just can't believe it. 

"One person even said they had to pay $1m to have their twins because they had to stay in hospital for a while after their pregnancy. And here we are getting all these things for free. 

"I think people just can't believe it that Scotland cares for babies like that." 

Edinburgh-based Kanbi said that the baby box will be a real help to her once she has her baby. 

"Obviously everyone is in a different position" she said.

"I think the baby box is especially good for people that are in a situation where they might not have a safe space for their baby to sleep in. 

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"It gives you everything you could need for the first few months. I'm in a position where I will be able to afford a cot for my baby but this is still great. I can have the box at my parent's house when I go there. 

"Especially just now, when everything is so expensive, it's great to have that kick start." 

Since 2017 the Scottish Government has promised to provide all newborn babies in Scotland with their own baby box.

Earlier this year it was reported that more than 220,000 families had received baby boxes since the scheme launched five years ago, with the uptake at around 98%.

The box has been refreshed since its launch, which included an updated design of the clothing and the inclusion of a toothbrush.