LGBTQ+ groups are set to stage a vigil outside the Scottish Parliament on Monday following events which marked Trans Day of Remembrance.

In honour of the day, marked on November 20, the event aims to ensure that transgender people who have lost their lives around the world are remembered and honoured.

The “Mourn the Dead” vigil will begin on Monday afternoon and will also include a protest for better protections for trans people in Scotland and across the globe.

It will take place from 2pm until 5pm outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

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In a statement, event organisers said: “We need to take up space, to remember and grieve for the trans people around the world who have been killed both by direct transphobic violence, as well as the more indirect transphobic violence, enacted through systemic discrimination and policies that intentionally make it impossible for trans people to survive.

“We also need to take time to remember and mourn those we have lost to suicide as a result of the discrimination, harassment, bullying and ostracism they faced when they were alive.”

The global remembrance day on November 20 seen charities such as suicide prevention organisation Samaritans, LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall and public bodies like the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) voice their support.

The Sunday National recently heard from three trans women who shared their experiences and struggles trying to access basic healthcare.

In a statement, the SFRS said: “We support our trans, non-binary and gender diverse employees on Trans Day of Remembrance, as lives continue to be blighted by hate, prejudice and discrimination, and reflect with the wider community on those who have lost their lives just because of who they are.”

The Scottish Greens also showed their support on Twitter. The party said: “On Trans Day of Remembrance we honour the memory of those around the world who have lost their lives because of who they are.

“We stood with you yesterday, we stand with you today, and we’ll stand with you tomorrow.”

Events also took place in other areas of Scotland, including a vigil held at Dundee University.