SPEAKERS have been announced for the Time for Scotland the rallies on Wednesday, November 23 – coinciding with the Supreme Court decision on whether the Scottish Parliament can hold a lawful advisory independence referendum.

That evening at 5.15pm, 10 rallies will take place across Scotland – the largest one outside Holyrood – to respond to a court decision with a massive impact on Scotland’s future.

Broadcaster and writer Billy Kay has been confirmed as a speaker at Dundee's event, and pipers are travelling down from Kirriemuir.

Kay said: "This is a call to everyone who supports independence to come out and be seen at the rally nearest you. It will either be the start of the Yes campaign for 2023 or a show of real resistance to the undemocratic nature of the British State.

"I particularly appeal to EU citizens and Remain campaigners to support us, so that we can get Scotland back to being at the heart of Europe once again."

At the main rally in Edinburgh, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard will speak to the expected crowd of 5000 or more. Time for Scotland will be confirming other speakers on Monday 21, and are hopeful of a big name from the Scottish Government.​

Sheppard said: “Whatever the Supreme Court decides, the ruling will be of historic importance to the people of Scotland. There’s no doubt it’s an occasion worth marking. If the Court rules in the Scottish Government’s favour, on October 19 next year, there will be an independence referendum.

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"If the court doesn’t decide that way, it will expose the British constitution as deeply flawed, undemocratic and in need of urgent reform. Either way, the Scottish people's right to self-determination must be respected and reaffirmed. We must never give up on Scottish democracy. Our voices will be heard; the campaign goes on.”

The Holyrood rally – outside the main entrance – will have pipers from 5.15pm till 7.30pm.

Other rallies will be held in Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Selkirk, Skye, Inverurie, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dumfries – full venue and contact details are available here.

Aberdeen is set to have SNP councillor Fatima Joji and the Aberdeen Independence movement's co-youth officer Luke Buchan speaking. 

Buchan, 17, said: "I imagine that once the UK Supreme Court result is announced, no matter the outcome, we will see another massive increase in activism from young people in support for independence and I look forward to campaigning by their side."

Glasgow is confirming speakers for the steps outside Buchanan Galleries and Dumfries organisers hope to have representatives from the newly launched South of Scotland independence movement group.

Time for Scotland co-organiser and journalist Lesley Riddoch said: "Whatever the decision and whatever the weather, supporters of indyref2 will be on the streets across the country after the Supreme Court’s verdict next Wednesday.

"Unlike recent Tory leaders we don’t regard judges as ‘enemies of the people,’ but their decision impacts hugely on Scottish Government plans for a second referendum. And people round the world need to know that Scots who want another say on our future are still active and vocal."

There are three possible outcomes on Wednesday, which Riddoch dubbed "aye, naw or cannae say".

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If the judges decide the Scottish Government’s proposed Referendum Bill does not relate to reserved matters, indyref2 can proceed as planned by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on October 19, 2023, and the campaign effectively begins on Wednesday night.

If they decide the Bill does relate to reserved matters, the Scottish Parliament cannot legislate even for a consultative referendum without Westminster’s consent – which would blow Unionist claims of a "voluntary Union" out of the water.

If the court can’t decide – declining to accept the reference from the Lord Advocate – activists will urge the Scottish Government to proceed with the actual Bill even if that provokes further legal challenge from a Westminster Government totally opposed to self-determination in Scotland.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry KC said: "Scots have the right to self-determination. If the UK Government had any respect at all for Scottish democracy, this court hearing would not have been necessary. In 2021 voters elected a government with a manifesto commitment to hold a second independence referendum. There is an established constitutional precedent about the right thing to do in these circumstances.

"After the 2011 Scottish election, the UK Government respected the Scottish government's mandate and negotiated an agreement to put beyond doubt the legality of the independence referendum the Scottish parliament went on to hold. They also agreed that both governments would respect the result.

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"The unwritten British constitution proceeds by way of custom and practice. If the UK Government respected their own constitution and democracy, they would replicate what happened a decade ago, come to the negotiating table and enter into a second Edinburgh Agreement.

"The union of the UK is voluntary. The UK Government needs to come to the negotiating table and agree a route forward now."

The names of other prominent indy supporters and politicians speaking at the rallies will be confirmed over the next few days.

The Edinburgh rally will also be livestreamed by Independence Live on its YouTube channel.