MHAIRI Black has told Alister Jack she "won't take advice from a soon-to-be unelected Baron" after the Scottish Secretary accused the SNP of not respecting democracy.

During questions in the Houe of Commons, the SNP's Scotland Office spokesperson told Jack the UK Government was "denying democracy" by not allowing Scotland another vote on independence.

Responding to Black, the UK minister said it was the SNP that denied democracy by "not respecting the results of the referendum in 2014".

The Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP hit back at the Tory, saying: "I don't need any lessons on democracy from a soon-to-be unelected Baron."

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Earlier this month Jack, a fierce ally of former PM Johnson, featured on the resignation honours list alongside COP26 president Alok Sharma and former culture secretary Nadine Dorries.

Despite being set to become a peer, Jack is set to continue as both an MP and minister.

It came amid a row between the two parties over whether Westminster had cut Holyrood's budget.

Black (below) told Jack: "It's very concerning to hear the minister dispute the figures from the House of Commons library so let me emphasise that Scotland's block grant is being cut, our services are being eroded by Tory cuts, the economy is being undermined by Brexit and as part of the UK Scotland is facing the deepest recession in Europe.

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"And this Government's response is more austerity despite Scotland rejecting that premise for over 30 years.

"So will the minister and the rest of his disastrous Tories get out of Scotland's way, stop denying democracy and allow Scotland to choose its own path out of this nightmare?"

Jack replied: "Well, as the honourable lady knows, the party that's denied democracy is the one that doesn't respect the results of the referendum in 2014."

Black replied: "Minister, I wouldn't be here [Westminster] if I didn't respect the outcome but anyway I don't need any lessons on democracy from a soon-to-be unelected Baron.

"No matter how much this government denies it, Scotland's budget is being cut."

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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross also took issue with the claim Holyrood's budget had been cut.

Ross said: “Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon wrote in the Financial Times that the Scottish Government’s budget this year, and I quote ‘has not received a single additional penny from the UK Government’.

“The Secretary of State will know that is completely false and is another example of this fibbing First Minister who’s recently been forced to correct the official record in the Sottish Parliament for false claims made there.”

SNP MPs hit back at that claim, with Patricia Gibson saying: “According to the House of Commons library, the Scottish block grant was cut by 4.1% this financial year and is set to be cut by a further 6% in the next financial year – a two-year real-terms cut of nearly £5 billion."