SCOTLAND'S First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said “it is only right” we listen to the next generation on climate change, as she congratulated a baton relay that arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh after traveling 4836 miles from Glasgow.

Beginning on September 30, the baton was taken via 18 countries from COP26 host Glasgow to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt where COP27 began this week.

Sturgeon, who is in Egypt until Wednesday, congratulated Running Out Of Time, who organised the relay.

Speaking at the finish line, she said: “Thank you for letting me be here to receive it, well done everybody, this is amazing to hold.

“This baton that started its journey in my home city of Glasgow, the best place in the world … this passed through 18 countries and is full of messages from Scotland to world leaders saying time is running out on climate change, and we need action, and we need action now.

“It’s my privilege to receive this from you and thank you so much for doing what you have done and raising the profile of these issues that we need to address for the sake of generations to come.”

The National: Nicola Sturgeon at the Running Out Of Time finish lineNicola Sturgeon at the Running Out Of Time finish line (Image: Extreme Hangout)

The arrival of the baton marks the launch of The Extreme Hangout during COP27, a platform giving young people a place to join the conversation and collaborate on solutions to drive climate action.

It passed through Scotland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt.

Along the way it has visited hundreds of schools, at-risk locations and climate change projects and been used to champion local climate action measures with partner Carbon Copy.

Hundreds of volunteers have run, cycled and sailed with the baton, across seas, mountain ranges, glaciers and deserts, and through villages, towns and cities.

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Jamie Hay, Running Out Of Time co-founder, said: “What an extraordinary journey to COP27 it has been.

“We said we would do this and today, as we crossed the finish line, we proved it was possible. We have passed this baton mile after mile, day and night, for 40 days.

“Thanks to the incredible collective effort of thousands of people, across 18 countries, we have covered the 7767km from Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh.

“We’ve run, cycled, rowed, sailed, windsurfed and skied our way here. Through thunderstorms, hail, wind, snow, and desert heat, we never gave up.

“We’ve seen first-hand the endless human determination to show up and carry the baton for a cause we all believe in.

“We turned our words into action and I hope this baton, this symbol of hope, will be a reminder to world leaders that they must do the same.”