The National:

BORIS Johnson has said a lot of questionable things in his time in politics but his most recent statement at the COP27 climate conference is a strong contender for the worst. 

Speaking in conversation with The New York Times in Egypt, the former PM declared himself “the spirit of Glasgow COP26”. 

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Yes, you did read that correctly. Feel free to go over it again and again but The Jouker promises that’s what was said. 

Naturally, social media was quick to pick up on Johnson’s line, with one user saying “I’m not sure the people of Glasgow would necessarily agree!!”

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie simply “Ur yea? Aye…” which was followed by a GIF of a woman saying, “aye right”. 

It’s truly hard to know what Johnson was thinking. Then again, that was always the case. 

The Twitter reactions didn’t stop there, with Cllr Lynsey Hamilton saying: “I think I speak on behalf if the whole if Scotland when I say Naw yir no.”

Another said: “Think the people o Glesga might have something to say about that.”

In fairness to Johnson, his political career has been spent ploughing on doing things that most of Scotland was never that keen on. 

At least he had the decency to remember where the event was held, unlike last year when he said the event was held in Edinburgh

He might not be PM anymore but he certainly seems to keep finding a platform to talk nonsense on.