SCOTTISH church leaders have condemned Suella Braverman for “deplorable” comments over an “invasion” of asylum seekers to the UK.

The Home Secretary triggered a huge backlash after she made the remarks in the Commons on Monday, telling MPs the UK Government is “serious about stopping the invasion of our southern coast”.

In a statement, the Church of Scotland has condemned the language Braverman used as “deplorable” and called for the UK Government to respond to “repeated requests” to meet and discuss how to establish better alternative to asylum accommodation.

Braverman is also facing questions over “wholly unacceptable” conditions at an immigration centre in Kent.

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Reverend Karen Hendry, convener of the Church of Scotland Faith Impact Forum, said: “We all have a duty to ensure that however vigorous and heartfelt our political positions and ideas, we treat one another with respect and we use arguments which promote and uphold human dignity.

“Through our support for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in local communities and through their contribution to our congregations, we recognise and celebrate the gifts we receive when we welcome the stranger.”

The National:

She added: “We have called on the UK Government to establish better community-based alternatives to asylum accommodation and have repeatedly requested meetings with the UK Government to make constructive and practical responses which demonstrate the kindness, generosity and compassion of our members and the wider public.

“Today I reiterate that call and repeat our request to meet.”

Meanwhile the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said he has not asked Rishi Sunak whether it was inappropriate for Braverman to claim there is an “invasion” of England by migrants crossing the Channel.

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Asked if Number 10 would describe it as an “invasion”, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “The Home Secretary was seeking to express the sheer scale of the challenge that faces the country, with people, including a significant proportion of economic migrants, seeking to make this journey.”

Pressed on how Sunak would describe the scale of the situation, he said: “I haven’t asked him that specific question.”

The spokesman also said he had also not asked the Prime Minister if he regarded the use of the word “invasion” as inappropriate.