SCOTTISH comedian Limmy has said his 12-year-old son stumbled upon a sick “rape” simulator feature in a video game he was playing.

The son of Brian Limond, the creator of the cult BBC hit Limmy’s Show, found a custom “game” within Overwatch 2 which allowed players to simulate rape and sexual harassment, according to his partner Lynn McGowan.

She tweeted: “Do not let your children play Overwatch.

“My 12yo son found custom games within it, one called, 'sexual harassment' and one game that simulated the female characters being raped.

“Thankfully my son realised it was bad, closed the game and told me.”

Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter science fiction video game aimed at children.

Blizzard Entertainment, the company which made the game, said the offending content had been removed. 

It allows players to create their own games within the game such as the sexual harassment simulator.

According to the site PC Gamer, the game allows the player to shoot a “flashbang” at female characters, followed by a prompt reading “Tbag to fuck”. The player then crouches over the fallen female character while text appears on the screen which reads: “Raping…”

The female characters are then branded “pregnant” before another character is spawned to simulate childbirth, the site reports.

Limmy tweeted: “Here's some screengrabs I found on Twitter of this Overwatch 2 sexual harassment simulator. Apparently, it's been going on since the first game. It would be easy for Blizzard to prevent it, but they're not.

“This is a game marketed to 12-year-olds.”

A spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said: "Inappropriate or explicit content has absolutely no place in our game.

"We immediately removed the user-created game mode once made aware of its existence.

"We are continually working to improve automatic filters to prevent inappropriate user-created content, and manually removing any that are not caught by the system."