OMNISHAMBLES. That is the word that is popping up on my timeline nonstop.

You can easily guess what it is describing. The infinite amount of chaos ensuing in Westminster.

Who knows who will be leading the country by the end of the month?

The shambles are giving the soft no's and undecided a moment to revise the political landscape. Economic stability is no longer a relevant argument for the union. Neither is the traditional behaviour or successful system of governance in Westminster after the fall we're witnessed by the 'Truss Government'.

So, is this the perfect time to get out and talk to the public about indyref2? Definitely.

On the ground, this weekend is Believe in Scotland's Day of Action. The action is to mark one year until the proposed indyref2 date.

Stalls, leaflets, cavalades, rallies, and lots more to get involved in all over the country so if you have a few hours to spare on Saturday 22, why not head out and play your part?

Don't hesitate to reach out for a chat and to promote your area and activity on the day or further ahead:

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