A MARRIED Labour MP is reportedly facing an investigation in the House of Commons over sexual harassment complaints.

According to The Sun, the male MP could face expulsion from Parliament over the probe.

The newspaper reports that the investigation is close to a conclusion.

The politician is thought to be involved in an investigation by Westminster's Independent Complaints Grievances Scheme.

The body deals with complaints of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct in Parliament.

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The MP reportedly retains the party whip during the probe.

The Labour Party has refused to confirm or deny whether the investigation is taking place.

It comes just a week after Christina Rees had the whip suspended over bullying allegations.

A spokesperson for the House of Commons said: “We cannot confirm or deny any current investigations. Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) operates on the basis of confidentiality for the benefit of all parties.

“Therefore, we cannot provide any information on complaints or investigation, including whether or not a complaint has been received or whether an investigation is ongoing.”