A NEW campaigning initiative has been launched by Yes activists in north east Fife aiming to create an atmosphere for voters curious about independence.

The first of two ‘Indy Curious Saturday’ events will have a Q&A with columnist, Lesley Riddoch, and a discussion with Common Weal Policy Coordinator, Nicola Biggerstaff.

The second event will have performances from folksinger and Scots advocate, Iona Fyfe, and SNP activist and singer, Joshua Scanlan.

The events are free to ensure accessibility to information and organisers aim for an open discussion. The first is set for Saturday 19 and will take place in Westport Café in Cupar. The second is on Saturday 26 of November, at Village Memorial Hall in Dairsie.

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SNP Councillor Stefan Hoggan-Radu said he had the idea when he was unsatisfied by the Yes movement outreach in his ward of Cupar.

He said: “It all started when I wanted more Yes activists to be involved in Cupar. The idea then grew arms and legs and Yes North East Fife took it on. This is the Yes movement, not SNP so the fact the group took it on now means we can make the independence argument in a party neutral way and therefore, its more welcoming for all voters.

“In north east Fife there is a lot of soft LibDems and soft Labour voters, we’ve seen that at local elections in May. So, independence is actually looking really intriguing to them, and these events will give those who are curious an opportunity to ask any and all questions.”

The councillor was elected in May in a ward that for the first time put SNP ahead of LibDems and Tories and this result was mirrored across the region. SNP had the best result they had ever received in a Fife local election and Labour had the worst.

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However, a month after the election, the results were finalised, and Fife council became a Labour minority, making a deal with LibDems and Tories for support.

Protesters gathered outside Fife council headquarters with signs emblazoned with ‘We Want Labour Out’.

At the time, Hoggan-Radu said: “Imagine that scenario, you as the Labour Party have control after the election but now your own voters are protesting outside because they know that you have taken them for granted.”

Yes North East Fife will also be one of many Yes groups across the country taking part in the Believe in Scotland Day of Action this weekend.

On Saturday, October 22, the group and Yes Bikers host a cavalcade of cars and bikes with independence messaging.

Information on the Indy Curious Saturdays can be found here: Saturday 19 / Saturday 26.