The National:

NEVER let it be said that Liz Truss’s government is not efficient. It only took them a few days to decimate the British economy and humiliate the UK on the world stage.

Sacrificing the value of the pound on the altar of “Growth”, the Tories have continued to insist that they’ve made the right decisions – as the ceiling caves in around them.

Even unprecedented interventions from the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England haven’t been enough to convince the foreign secretary who didn’t realise the difference between the Baltic and Black seas that she might not know everything.

The extent of the Tories’ purposeful economic vandalism will be felt for years, even decades, to come – even if some of the more optimistic predictions come true and Truss is gone by Christmas.

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Unsurprisingly, with people facing double-digit inflation, skyrocketing energy bills, and eyewatering increases in mortgage payments, some of the UK is more than a little angry.

But if you’re a Scottish Conservative, there are apparently other, more pertinent issues at hand – like how Nicola Sturgeon conducts herself at FMQs.

“You always know Nicola Sturgeon is having a bad week at FMQs when she gets angry,” Tory MP Andrew Bowie wrote on Twitter: “And she is very angry this week.”

“Why the hell are you not angry?” Glasgow Council leader Susan Aitken asked.

“I’m enraged at the damage your government is inflicting on Glasgow households,” she added.

SNP minister Christina McKelvie responded: “The whole country is angry at the economic vandalism and morally repugnant policies of the UKG.”

And the party’s depute leader, Keith Brown, wrote: “When 1000s of mortgage deals are withdrawn, £billions spaffed already in dealing with the Tory blunderbudget, and millions v worried about rising mortgage/food/energy costs: I give you the only person in the known universe who is not, to some extent, angry.”

Twitter users who aren't also elected officials used some less delicate language, which the Jouker won't repeat but you can probably take a punt at.

Bowie – who openly supported Rishi Sunak during the leadership campaign – seems to have fallen willingly into line behind all the other fawning Scottish Tories desperate for some crumbs from the top table.

All the tweeting hasn’t landed Bowie a ministerial role yet though – his Tory paymasters decided to ennoble an unelected businessman instead of letting him anywhere near a government position.