COMEDIAN Jerry Sadowitz has had another show cancelled following the row over his performance at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

The American-born Glaswegian’s show in the capital was cancelled after allegations that his routine was homophobic, racist and misogynistic. 

One member of the audience who was at Sadowitz’s show said, “he got his penis out” whilst The Pleasance Theatre said the material did “not align with our values”.

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Sadowitz, 61, had been due to play at Olby’s Creative Hub in Margate, Kent, on Saturday but the gig has since been cancelled. 

Writing on his website, the comedian said: “The owner of the venue read what happened in Edinburgh and decided to cancel due to me being ‘unsafe, racist, homophobic and misogynist’. People… I am SO much more than that.”

Gig promoters Walnut Whip said: “Sadly, the show won’t be happening for a variety of reasons.

“We’re still on good terms with Jerry Sadowitz and are hoping to arrange something in the near future.”

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The Times reports that, in an email to the promoters, Olby’s Creative Hub said they were “not willing to take a risk in facilitating this show at this time”.

It added: “It would be prudent to wait for the storm to calm before considering whether this show can take place here.”

The decision to scrap his show led to debates surrounding censorship with some celebrities, including JK Rowling and Jeremy Vine, denouncing the cancellation.