MARTIN Lewis was left with his head in his hands on Good Morning Britain after hearing guest Edwina Currie’s money saving tips.

The MoneySavingExpert is on Good Morning Britain all week as he tried to help people save money amid soaring energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis. 

The price cap is set to rise to £3549 on October 1, Ofgem confirmed, an 80% increase on the previous figure of £1971.

The price cap figure of £3549 applies to homes on default tariffs paying by direct debit and based on typical use.

Featuring as a guest after a disagreement on Twitter last week, Edwina Currie, who accused Lewis of sensationalising the cost-of-living crisis facing the UK, shared some of her money saving hacks.

Holding up a bit of reflector foil, she said: “Here is one of my suggestions for a tip, something that is cheap, Martin knows about this I am sure.

“If you put some of this behind your radiators it really works and makes the whole room nice and warm.

“It means you can turn down your thermostat without it causing you any more discomfort.

“Most people my age lived in houses without central heating, but we are dependent on it now.”

The former Tory MP also suggested moving the sofa away from radiators, so you are heating the whole room and not just the sofa.

Martin Lewis and co-host Susanna Reid were left with their heads in their hands following the suggestions.