ALMOST one in four UK adults plan to never turn their heating on this winter due to the soaring price of energy, new research have revealed.

Polling commissioned by the Liberal Democrats and released this week has found that 23% of adults in the UK intend to go without heating throughout the winter months, with that figure rising to 27% amongst parents with children under the age of 18. 69% plan to turn their heating on less this winter.

The polling also found that parents of under-18s are increasingly likely to pay their energy bills by putting more on their credit cards – 33%, compared to a national average of 23%. Roughly one in ten plan to take out a loan in response to rising energy prices, but parents of under-18s are the most likely to do so at 17%.

The findings follow OfGem’s announcement that the energy price cap will result in the typical household energy bill reaching £3549 from October 1.

Responding to the research, Liberal Democrat cabinet office spokesperson Christine Jardine commented: “Britain is on the brink of the worst cost of living crisis in a century and yet still Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak will not scrap the energy price rise. It is clear energy prices must not be allowed to rise in October.”

Jardine condemned Truss and Sunak’s refusal to cancel the energy price cap rise, and said it was time to “tax the record multi-billion pound profits of oil and gas companies and use the money to save British families and pensioners.”

Jardine’s comments echo those of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who last week said that the “unaffordable” price rise could not be permitted to go ahead.

Writing on Twitter, Sturgeon commented: “This is simply unaffordable for millions. It cannot be allowed to go ahead. This rise must be cancelled, with the UK Gov and energy companies then agreeing a package to fund the cost of a freeze over a longer period, coupled with fundamental reform of the energy market.”

Fuel poverty charities have reiterated calls for the UK Government to extend the household support package announced in May, with End Fuel Poverty Coalition co-ordinator Simon Francis warning: “All the solutions lie at the Westminster government’s door, yet it is silent in the face of this looming disaster.”