A WELSH Labour politician has slammed the "failures" of Scottish Labour over rumours the UK party will formally ban cooperation with the SNP and other nationalist parties.

Alun Davies, Labour Senedd member for Blaenau Gwent, warned the UK Labour party against writing a ban on cooperation with the SNP into its constitution, in response to rumours on social media.

Davies suggested that if the move were to be made at Westminster, it would signal the party was following Scottish Labour’s "failures" rather than Welsh Labour’s successes.

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He tweeted: “What nonsense. Welsh Labour has a cooperation agreement with Plaid. And we have had a coalition with Plaid in the past.

“It’s time for UK Labour to learn from the success of Welsh Labour rather than the failures of Scottish Labour.”

SNP president Michael Russell has said that Davies is "absolutely right" and complimented his party's willingness to work with the nationalist Plaid Cymru and for "arguing for its choice of devolution whilst respecting the constitutional choices of others".

He added: "In contrast, Scottish Labour is so scared of having a debate that it prefers to shore up Tory administrations in local government than making common cause with like-minded individuals in the SNP regarding the cost-of-living crisis.

"For Keir Starmer to choose that route, rather than Welsh Labour’s example, speaks volumes about his timid approach to politics. The image that should spread around Scotland is of him and Anas Sarwar in Liz Truss’s pocket, and that is not a place for any so-called progressive politician to be. "

In a bid to appeal to English voters, Keir Starmer has been vocal over his refusal to work with the SNP following a General Election.

Back in July, he said there would be "no basis" for an alliance between the parties at Westminster.

He said: “Let me tell the SNP first – there will be no deal going into a General Election and no deal coming out of a General Election. And that’s not about a numbers game, as far as I’m concerned. I want to be PM for the whole of the United Kingdom.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has also ruled out working with the SNP in Scotland’s councils, despite showing a willingness to work with the Tories.

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Following May’s council elections, in which Sarwar ruled out any "formal" coalitions, Scottish Labour made deals with the Tories to keep the SNP out of power in several local authorities.

And more recently, the SNP accused the Tories and Labour of forming an “official” coalition in North Lanarkshire after the two parties voted to remove SNP representatives from power.

The move also handed the council's depute provost position to Tory councillor Bob Burgess.

The SNP and Scottish Labour have been contacted for comment.