JERRY Sadowitz is back doing voiceover work at the Edinburgh Fringe following the cancellation of his show at The Pleasance Theatre. 

The controversial comedian has been signed to record the scene-setter for a performance by Mark Borkowski, a celebrity publicist whose previous clients have included Noel Edmonds, Graham Norton and Joan Rivers. 

Borkowski’s show, False Teeth in a Pork Pie: How to Unleash Your Inner Crazy, is described as an “adventure” through his publicity career. 

He is one of the many critics of the Pleasance Theatre’s decision to axe Sadowitz’s show following complaints about some of the content at his first show. 

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The theatre accused the comedian of “racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny” following a performance in which he showed his penis to an audience member.

In a statement, Sadowitz has said the Pleasance had misunderstood his act whilst various celebrities, including Piers Morgan, criticised the decision to drop him. 

Borkowski said Sadowitz has always had an outrageous voice and that the decision to drop him was “ridiculous”.

He continued: “I felt for Jerry after this week so offered him a 'tight five' as my warm-up act.

“Sadly, he felt that my material was too dark for him to associate with but he did kindly agree to record the voiceover introduction.”

The American-Scots comedian could potentially face further cancellation before a national tour as the Whitehall Theatre in Dundee said it would contact the Pleasance for “more information” before making its decision on a scheduled performance. 

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Aberdeen’s Tivoli theatre confirmed Sadowitz would play there in October. 

The Fringe’s biggest venue, Assembly, was critical of the decision to end Sadowitz’s Edinburgh run early. 

Its co-founder Luke Johnson said the Pleasance “can get stuffed telling other venues to ban artists just because they lost their bottle”.