RISHI Sunak has been mocked for a bizarre campaign video in which he shreds piles of EU laws in a pledge to “keep Brexit safe”.

The video opens on a printed-out sign on a door reading “Brexit Delivery Department” before showing a man carrying an electric shredder into a generic office.

The man sets down piles of paper with the words “EU Legislation”, “EU Red Tape” and “EU Bureaucracy".

As the piles grow, another shredder is brought in and a title card promises: “In his first 100 days as Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak will review or repeal post-Brexit EU laws … All 2400 of them.”

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The man begins shredding the files to the strains of Ode to Joy – the official anthem of the European Union.  

Sunak’s promise to “keep Brexit safe” has sparked outrage, with critics suggesting the Tory leadership hopeful aims to scrap EU laws protecting workers’ rights and consumer and environmental protections.

It also ups the ante on his rival Liz Truss, who has pledged to scrap all remaining EU laws by 2024. 

Others took aim at the video itself, claiming it showed Sunak was “vapid” while some compared it to the quality of marketing materials made by unsuccessful candidates on the TV show The Apprentice.

Commentator Jonathan Lis said: “If Brexit was brilliant and liberating there’d be no reason to keep it ‘safe’ because its virtues would be self-evident and accepted.

“The only reason they need to keep it safe is because it’s fragile and toxic and they’re terrified of getting found out.”

Howard Goodall, the award-winning classical composer, wrote: “It may be a naff, embarrassing video that makes him look half-witted but what he's doing is declaring that he's INTENTIONALLY going to make any return to viable trading with the EU - for all export sectors - more difficult, more costly, or impossible. In a recession.”

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Elizabeth Ammon, cricket reporter with The Times, said: “Absolutely embarrassing. This is just embarrassing.

“I honestly can’t believe the absolute shit that these people say and write. They shouldn’t be running a park run never mind the country.”

Sunak’s pledge to review or repeal 2400 pieces of “post-Brexit EU laws” refers to retained EU law, which were “cut and pasted” into the UK statute book.

Work is already underway to review retained EU law and in June this year, Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg published a “authoritative catalogue” of legislation either copied from the EU or kept on after Brexit.

The Government announced plans in the Queen’s Speech to introduce a Brexit Freedoms Bill to make it easier to “amend, repeal or replace” retained EU law.

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An investigation by Full Fact last month revealed 229 pieces of retained EU law had already been repealed or replaced while a further 182 had been amended.

Sunak’s pledge to create a Brexit delivery department if he is elected Prime Minister will be seen as an attempt to prove he is focused on increasing divergence between the EU and post-Brexit Britain.

Brexit remains a key point in the Tory leadership debate, despite the UK leaving the EU in 2020.

Truss, currently the bookies’ favourite to become the next prime minister, took an aggressive stance as Foreign Secretary against the EU with the Government’s Northern Ireland Protocol policy.

She has said she wants to scrap all remaining EU laws – some 2006 pieces of legislation – by the end of next year.