The England Women’s football team, the Lionesses, took football "home" this weekend as they defeated Germany in the final of the Women’s Euros 2022.

Their win has inspired women across the UK as many see it as a chance to highlight women’s place in sports.

However, on Good Morning Britain today fans were left feeling the awkward tension when presenter Richard Madeley referred to Lionesses footballer, Chloe Kelly, as “Coco”.

In the interaction, Madeley casually refers to her as “Coco”, before explaining that is what he has nicknamed his own daughter, also called Chloe.

Viewers of the show quickly rushed to social media with their thoughts on the interaction.

One user wrote: “Richard Madeley wrapping up his interview with Chloe Kelly by calling her 'Coco' 'because that's what I call MY daughter Chloe' is exactly the sort of high level awkward cringe I can't cope with today.”

Fans also referred to Madeley’s comment suggesting she would have been unrecognisable a week ago, despite the fact she was already a professional footballer for Manchester City.

Another Twitter user said: "She’s a Man City, Champion’s League striker. Cannot eye roll enough at this clown.”

The Lionesses claimed their first major trophy with a 2-1 win over their long-time rivals at Wembley on Sunday.

Other celebrities to spark backlash with their commentary on the women’s team include Gary Lineker, who deleted a tweet referencing Kelly’s bra.

Chloe Kelly’s extra-time goal saw an England senior side lift a major tournament trophy for the first time since the 1966 World Cup. Kelly removed her shirt after scoring the goal.

In response to the move, which was widely celebrated on social media as "iconic", football pundit Lineker tweeted "Kelly is England's heroine, bra none".