The National:

IAIN Stewart, the Scotland Office minister, represents the English constituency of Milton Keynes South.

That might go some way to explaining the latest blunder from his team at least.

The Tory MP, who was installed in post after Douglas Ross took a stand and resigned over Dominic Cummings’s lockdown breaches, has been on a trip to Scotland.

After driving the 550-odd miles from his constituency to the west coast, Stewart seems to have gotten a little confused about what’s what.

The Scotland Office tweeted: “Minister @iainastewart arrived in Skye yesterday to begin a week-long visit to the Western Isles, which will include Skye, Harris and Lewis.” Included was a picture of Eilean Donan Castle.

EDIT: The Scotland Office have now deleted the tweet – but the internet keeps its receipts so here's a screenshot instead:

The National:

Can you see the problem? Apparently, no one at the Scotland Office could.

Eilean Donan Castle isn’t actually on Skye. It’s on the mainland about 25 miles away. It is on the way though.

The second issue is that Stewart’s “week-long visit to the Western Isles” seems to have kicked off in the Inner Hebrides.

The Jouker was far from the only person to notice.

“That … isnae in Skye,” one social media user commented.

“Skye isn't part of the Western Isles,” another helpfully added.

“Darlington is looking cracking, as ever,” Andy Arthur quipped, referencing Rishi Sunak’s embarrassing geography gaffe.

Twitter user Steve Byrne provided a handy map making clear the Tories’ mistakes. Perhaps they should have a look at that before posting again.