THE SNP have slammed the UK Government for continuing to sell large parts of Scotland's defence estate. 

A report in the Sunday Post highlighted how the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has continued to cut the number of personnel based in Scotland by 10%.

It further showed that it has sold off almost 60% of all the land it has in Scotland.

SNP MP Carol Monaghan said: “This latest sell-off shows that Westminster control continues to let down our armed forces.

“Not only has a promise made before the 2014 referendum to increase the number of personnel in Scotland been broken, the numbers have actually reduced.”

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In 2014, the UK Government said that the number of troops based in Scotland would increase from 11,100 to 12,500 by 2020.

The number has in fact dropped to 10,120 with the amount of land owned by the MoD in Scotland dropping from 153,000 hectares to 64,900.

Monaghan continued: “As we face complex defence challenges around the world, the Tories are selling up and continue to cut defence personnel in Scotland.”

In July last year, about 80 acres of land in Garelochhead, near Faslane, owned by the MoD were put up for sale in an online auction.

“Instead of plugging the gaps they’ve created – in conventional defence personnel and equipment, and in maritime patrol – the Tories are intent on lavishing billions of pounds every year on nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

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“It’s clear that Westminster control means continued cuts. With independence we can make better choices, improving our maritime footprint, contributing to NATO operations and investing in Scotland’s defence priorities.”