AN ANTI-ABORTION protest is yet again taking place outside of Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  

This comes following last month’s US Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v Wade in a move the First Minister described as “one of the darkest days for women’s rights in my lifetime.”

Over the past few months, calls for buffer zones in cities across Scotland have grown with Nicola Sturgeon chairing a summit at the end of June to discuss the issue.

Commenting on Tuesday's protest, Back Off Scotland's co-founder Lucy Grieve told The National: “It’s very concerning that during such extreme weather conditions – a record breaking heatwave – we are seeing a presence of anti-choice groups outside hospitals and clinics.

“We’ve heard from a number of staff about the negative impacts that these protests are having and the marked uptick in activity is worrying.”

On Tuesday, the UK Supreme Court discussed whether the Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill proposed in Northern Ireland would interfere with the rights of people who want to protest outside abortion clinics.

Grieve continued: “This protest group also have a new sign saying ‘don’t be coerced into abortion’ which is not only an insult to the stellar work being done by abortion care providers, but it’s also dangerous misinformation.

“We must work to introduce buffer zones now to move these groups away from the gates of medical facilities.”

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Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay launched a private member's bill which would see 150m protest buffer zones put in place around hospitals.

The MSP for Central Scotland told The National: "Abortion rights are human rights. Everybody should have free and unimpeded access to healthcare without harassment or intimidation. 

"Protests like this should not be happening outside the Queen Elizabeth or any other medical facility, and the Bill that I am passing will end them for good."

Doctors at Sandyford Sexual Health Clinic are amongst those who have previously expressed their anger at anti-abortion protests taking place outside their building.

The National has also spoken with Labour MSP Monica Lennon who said: “This is why we need buffer zones.

"Anti-abortion campaigners should not be targeting healthcare sites. Women and people accessing hospital services need privacy and shouldn’t have to run the gauntlet of organised groups.

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“Safe access to healthcare is being undermined by the individuals gathering at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and elsewhere.

"It’s also distressing for the staff who are having their professionalism called into question without foundation by John Mason MSP. 

“Nicola Sturgeon has committed the Scottish Government to making safe access to abortion healthcare a priority. Urgent action is needed now.”