“DECISIONS should be taken by us, not for us.” That’s the view given by one pro-independence supporter in the latest release in a video series from Yes.scot.

The organisation, a campaigning arm of the SNP, released the second in its “People of Yes” series on Friday.

The video focuses on Dundee – known as Scotland’s Yes city – and what people there think about the independence debate.

It follows a first video, released exactly one month ago, which asked people in Glasgow for their views on Scotland’s future.

In the Dundee video, people explain that they want independence for Scotland to strengthen democracy, bring decision-making to a more local level, and leave a better country behind for their children.

One participant says independence offers Scotland a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”. “The Westminster government are intent on dragging our country back generations”, they add.

Another says: “Labour in Scotland follows Labour in England, and Labour in England follows the Tories. I don’t think any of them care about Scotland’s wishes, opinions, or choices.”

The campaign group also launched a third video in June featuring the voice of Hollywood star Brian Cox.

The Dundee-born actor lent his voice to a video called “Why Independence Works”, which noted that better performing comparator countries all share the key advantage over Scotland of being independent.

The three videos end with a voice contribution from pro-independence actor Cox telling viewers: “Pledge your support for Scottish independence at Yes.scot”.

The latest release comes after Nicola Sturgeon published the second paper in a series from the Scottish Government making the case for independence