A HOLYROOD committee has launched a consultation on the Scottish Government’s proposed National Care Service.

The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill was published last month and will allow ministers to transfer responsibility for a range of social care services to local care boards.

The final proposals could see such boards in control of social work and justice services as well as those for children and adults.

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee has launched a consultation that will close on September 2.

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Convener Gillian Martin said: “The creation of a National Care Service would see a huge reform in how care is delivered and accessed in Scotland, impacting people and organisations right across the country.

“In our lifetime, most of us will likely both give and receive care, and that’s why it’s absolutely vital that people’s voices are heard in relation to this proposed legislation, whether they have direct experience of receiving or delivering care, or not.

“We want to hear from organisations who will be impacted by these proposals, from staff who deliver care, to unpaid carers, those in receipt of care and the general public, on their hopes but also any concerns or questions they may have.

“Our consultation is open to all and we look forward to hearing your views.”